Idfk anymore, bruh

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omfg ME

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just chillin in bed, topless and high, until i need to be ready for work.

luvin it~

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Details of the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture Collection (x)

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Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette in True Romance (1993)

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I’m tired of getting fucked in ways that don’t end in an orgasm. —arixsafari (via arixsafari)
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"he calls me in the morning, he says, ‘i want love now, homie’, ‘cause i rock all night long, just like my momma told me."

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How Frank Ocean came out.

and nobody even realized it

This is so important

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Hey, how are you doing?

i’m good. just kinda hanging out.


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someone talk me up

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So Many Spiders So Little Time: Welcome to Arachnoland!

Spiders and their relatives, to me at least, are hard work. Not that I don’t like them…I do, and think them wondrous creatures. So what do I mean by ‘hard work’. Well, as someone who can deal with beetles and classify most on sight and when necessary key out less-often-seen-beasts, I find spiders tricky.

First, they rudely hatch out as tiny little versions of their adult self and undergo a series of molts until adulthood. This means that within a single species there are spiderlings at various stages of development. Second, and to confound this, spiders are significantly externally sexually dimorphic. Often you need a adult or even adult male for identification. Finally, is the terminology. When you enter arachnoland from insectland you surely are in a different world…unsurprisingly. I find arachnoland intimidating. I wonder if spider people think the same of beetles or other insect groups?

Here we have spiders from pitfall traps in the Southern Grampians region of Victoria, Australia. Such a diversity from a three day survey by Deakin University students as part of SLE226 Team-based Environmental Research - and this ain’t all of them. They range from the sweet little microspiders in the first image, adult males the first two and less than several millimetres long, to larger ‘furry’ wolf spiders (several in the second image).

Many Little Things with eight legs.

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