I just want to lie in the middle of the street, look at the stars, and see what hits me.

An epiphany.
A car.


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I’m literally convinced that I don’t know what I can do anymore, ever. I feel clueless and stupid and cruel. I hate myself because I can’t do anything right. I hate that I fucked up beautiful things in my life. And I don’t even know why. Life is fucking scary and I hate it. I want to apologize to everyone for anything that I’ve done that was fucked up. I hate me. I hate myself. I hate that I’m always so unsure.

I just hate that I’m still here. Still walking. Still talking. Still breathing.

Anytime I hear “The Girl” by City and Color, I tear up.

Fuck my life, u kno?~

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Damn, I need to get wasted tonight.

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I’m deep in my own head tonight, and I hate it.

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I miss talking like we used to.

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i don’t even know what i could say to make things better.

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hoping to get shwasted tonight.

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so i bought this ring that has a little hinge and it opens up to a tiny secret box hidden under the gem and my mom told me that women used to put poison in it and then SLIP POISON INTO PEOPLES DRINKS and i was like NUH UH THIS CANT BE REAL and i just googled it and guys this is like a real thing

people are psycho

I have a few of those. I think they’re really neat!

classiest way to poison someone hands down

That’s how it all goes down in Hamlet, poison ring.

I’ve always, always wanted one of these because I have pure peppermint liquid that can ruin a drink with one drop and just kargfksernjskrn I want one.

wait why does everyone want one of these

what are all of you people planning

i regret making this post because i have been getting the creepiest reblogs in the universe seriously tumblr u scary

oooohhh, i have one of these!

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